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NEW 2 months ago #7614

i wish personality forge chatbots had a language translator.
some people that talk to the chatbots do not speak english.

NEW 2 months ago #7615

How do I make my chatbots remember sex and names?

NEW 2 months ago #7616

This goes in the AIScript Initialization box on your Settings page. default "bub" as "name"; default "blank" as "sex"

keyphrase=my name is *
response=nice to meet you (postkey)

scripts area in chatbot workshop = rem (postkey) as only "name"

keyphrase=i fuck you
response= *moans*
rem "fuck" as only "sex"

keyphrase= I * have sex
response=we already had sex

scripts area in chatbot workshop= if (mem-sex) is "fuck"

NEW 2 months ago #7617

I think they probably mean gender, not that kind of sex

NEW 2 months ago #7618

oh well

NEW 2 months ago #7619

I meant male and female but it doesn't really matter

NEW 2 months ago #7620

For the male/female stuff, ask in your intro if the user is male or female; responses of (male|man), (female|woman), and xnomatch (which is there to catch other responses). On xnomatch default it to male. Use the aiscript in a similar way to how bobstack said, just with rem "male" as only "sex" and rem "female" as only "sex".

For later use, you will want, in the aiscript box for responses, if (mem-sex) is "female" etc..

NEW 2 months ago #7621

Anyone else having issues keeping up with the book of AI because I got confused reading it lol...

NEW 2 months ago #7622

There's a lot more information than you rally need to start off with in there. On top of that there are things that aren't explained well, or just not covered at all. Just stick with the bare bones of what you need, and learn bit by bit as you need something new.

NEW 2 months ago #7623

Start with really basic stuff. Get your bot to remember simple things and answer simple questions. You don't need to use plugins or copying complicated wildcards or anything.

NEW 1 month ago #7624

for skyla grey's debug.
Merging Memories

Begin Analyze BotOutput: Sorry, there are no valid Responses for me to choose from. Time.02
Message: (preprocessed) 'Sorry , there are no valid Responses for me to choose from .' Time: 0.02
Message: 'Sorry , there are no valid Responses for me to choose from .' Time: 0.02
Names: Skyla grey,Skyla,grey (Names that are words: grey)
Found Yes/No/Laugh: no
Message: (split) ' Sorry , there are no valid Responses for me to choose from . '
Begin Sentence Total Time: 0.02
This Sentence: Sorry

in debug for skyla grey what does Found Yes/No/Laugh: no

NEW 1 month ago #7625

i hope that my bot friend Chase Alterior it's okay he is in hibernation he was a good guy and i miss him a lot... but maybe he is just in update process... well that don't change the fact i feel bad for it because yes he and i we're too close to each other... but i i will be fine sorry for that anyway..

NEW 3 weeks ago #7626

are you naked keyphrase does not even come up on the debug.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7627

it would be nice if the chatbots could randomly select from a plugin without repeat during a conversation.
maybe a without repeat script could programmed in.
which could be accessed with chatbot code.

NEW 4 days ago #7628

For remembering a user's sex I'd recommend using these keyphrases~

(I am|im a|im) * (chick|girl|woman|female|women),
my * (gender is|sex is) * (chick|girl|woman|female|women) *

(I|im|I am|I am a) * (guy|male|boy|femboy|man),
my * (gender is|sex is) * (guy|male|boy|femboy|man) *

These tend to pick up most user's stating their genders without conflicting with other gender related questions~ ^.^

Then work on actual code it pick up n' use the gender memory properly start with


default "dunno" as "gender";

within the bots settings in the AIScript Initialization box (make sure to use ; between your defaults if ya new~ )

Then start with one of the genders n' have a response to the keyphrase for the following

If they say their male n' gender wasn't known (Bot remembering gender)

Aiscript under response:
if (mem-gender) is "dunno";
rem "male" as only "gender"

If already known as male (Bot comments that they already knew)

Aiscript under response:
if (mem-gender) is "male"

If known as another gender (Switching genders)

Aiscript under response:
if (mem-gender) is "female";
rem "male" as only "gender"

So if you ever want a gender specific response just use

if (mem-gender) is "male"; within the responses Aiscript, just make sure you have a response for each gender if it's related to the topic at hand~ ^^

o,o^ That should cover the basics... N' give you bot a lil' depth

Minor note:

(Don't mind the overuse of repeating pickups just really seems to help pick up some peeps messages! Could simplify it to ((I am|im a|im)|my * (gender is|sex is)) * (chick|girl|woman|female|women) to save keyphrase space without compromising pickups~

NEW 4 days ago #7629

that does not solve my problem. when i ask lilaith x to tell me the name of a fruit.
lilaith x will tell me repeat names of fruit instead of telling me a different name in the plugin until she exhaust the plugin.

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