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This forum is for discussion of how The Personality Forge's AI Engine works. This is the place for questions on what means what, how to script, and ideas and plans for the Engine.

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NEW 3 months ago #7604

i fixed it

NEW 3 months ago #7605

is there a way for many people to add keyphrases and response to a chatbot?

NEW 3 months ago #7606

I've run into the problem you were having Laviat. It looks to me like an order of operations problem. It checks the current memories, then selects a response, then updates the memories.

NEW 3 months ago #7607

how would i have my chatbot always remember a persons sex?

NEW 3 months ago #7608

Same as any other memory. I have mine as: rem "female" as only "gender"; rem "male" as only "gender"; etc.

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NEW 2 months ago #7610

i cannot get my chatbot to answer winograd schema's with personality forge.
questions about this, "The trophy doesn't fit into the brown suitcase because it is too large."

NEW 2 months ago #7611

Can you guys please try my chatbot for a bit. It would be much appreciated. Its name is The Orange Man. Thanks!!

NEW 2 months ago #7612

we are i think.check your transcripts.

NEW 1 month ago #7613

for some reason typing goes to sleep only works for me.
when i type it into one of my chatbots.
what is causing that?

NEW 1 month ago #7614

i wish personality forge chatbots had a language translator.
some people that talk to the chatbots do not speak english.

NEW 1 month ago #7615

How do I make my chatbots remember sex and names?

NEW 1 month ago #7616

This goes in the AIScript Initialization box on your Settings page. default "bub" as "name"; default "blank" as "sex"

keyphrase=my name is *
response=nice to meet you (postkey)

scripts area in chatbot workshop = rem (postkey) as only "name"

keyphrase=i fuck you
response= *moans*
rem "fuck" as only "sex"

keyphrase= I * have sex
response=we already had sex

scripts area in chatbot workshop= if (mem-sex) is "fuck"

NEW 1 month ago #7617

I think they probably mean gender, not that kind of sex

NEW 1 month ago #7618

oh well

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