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When it comes to names, you can ask the user what their name is, and have a response of xnomatch so it catches any response. Add the aiscript rem 'name' as only (key1), then use (mem-name) any time you want to use their name.

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Also, I'm finding that the lowercase seeks work fine with uppercase and mixed case responses - unless you're using raw aiscript, the site turns all messages to lowercase when it does its spellcheck etc.. what was failing to be matched, and by what? When using debug mode, did it say the input was still uppercase after processing?

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yes and no's tend to need to be raw to work. not always the case though. there was something else like this too but idk

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Thank you for responses, I will play around with what was mentioned. I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around (Key)'s but I don't have any specific question except the general concept of not understanding. But I'll try and reread the book of AI again. Also, the response that wasn't working was "hey" it wouldn't understand "Hey" so I had to make a word list. I'm finding myself making word lists with every possible variation of the word and I'm not using raw. But again thank you for responding, I really appreciate it.

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Hey is odd, I believe. I think all greetings get pulled into xhello, and triggers once per person before triggering xgreeting instead.

NEW 4 months ago #7585

I'm guessing no one knows anything about my plug-in failure ?

to recap im talking about how in convo's, used plugins don't always seem to work. so the bot just ends up saying a incomplete sentence.

I could just replace most of them with (asdas|asdas) but it would kinda defeat the point.

NEW 4 months ago #7586

iv also noticed the rem (mem-anything) as only "w/e" is buggy.. its made a few new mems like as only "yes" and it makes a new mem called yes and remembers it as the next as only requested.. might have to go back and change it.. just a heads up.

But I seriously need to know about that plug in bug..

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i would not use slash with memory

NEW 4 months ago #7588

yeahhh w/e just means "what ever" lol but I'm seeing it allot more, were rem (mem-bob) as only "1" some how becomes (mem-1) as only 2 or some random crap.. its showing up allot now during tests, ill probably switch to "1" as only "bob".. but fuck.. honestly like 80-90% of my kp have mems attached like that.. I could just keep replacing them as I notice it but idk.. I'm tired lol

it definitely seems like its confusing what its supposed to remember with what its next memory is supposed to be.. but on paper it all looks sound, and sometimes what its replaced with seems random.. it shouldn't have any trouble.. so I have to assume its a bug..

it could also be conflicting with something some how, like when i had a xnomatch and a seek looking for different versions of the same thing broke them both in the intro. kinda wish i woulda wrote that down, cause it feels allot like that but instead of replacing the mem with a kp its replacing it with another mem.. maybe..? in debug.. it looks like its creating a post key seek for the mem, or i could just be miss understanding what I'm seeing.. but like i said idk.

ill try some more in debug when i get the chance..

getting a little disheartened between this and that plug in problem.. guessing no one else is having that issue since no ones said anything about it. maybe I'm the only one using plug-ins in responses.. idk

will admit though debug is pretty kool, it can also show break downs and possible variations for statements.
I could learn a thing or two about wild cards from it. there was also a $k at the end of them, does that mean the ai engine?

NEW 4 months ago #7589

i think it does not matter if (mem-bob) as only "2" or any other number.
so long as the keyphrase triggers the response.

NEW 4 months ago #7590

what keyphrase for what sentence are you trying to make with a plugin?

NEW 4 months ago #7591

lol i use plugins allot in responses.. ex: hey there, (p:gooddays).
and it picks a random phrase or word to finish the sentence., but its like iv said not working all the time. so allot of my responses are incomplete sentences..

as for the memories, its not a matter of them being found as a kp or a seek for a response its a matter of them being inaccurately saved as something other than what's listed for that memory.
ex: rem (mem-name) as only "billy" is supposed to save (mem-name) as only "billy" . but in my case its saving it as (mem-billy) as only "name" , or (mem-billy) as only "1", or (mem-1) as only "2".

I laugh but its not really funny I'm hitting almost 2k ai, going back over everything and replacing it all would be more work than I care to do to be honest.

NEW 4 months ago #7592

somethings do not work sometimes for me

NEW 4 months ago #7593

Laviat, for replacing, I recommend exporting and downloading, then opening in something like notepad++ and using search and replace. Remember to use the quotes/brackets to distinguish memories from actual responses

NEW 4 months ago #7594

isn't there a way to do a one word kp? I mean if you put one word then it will likely either fail or trigger unneededly. ex: KP:no . would work on this no. and just no. but is there a way to set it the kp to only trigger when some one just says the one word "no"? and not trigger when using it in a sentence..?

and thanks for the advice about notepad++

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