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NEW 4 months ago #7564

still could use a counter script +- on a number if its a thing let me know,
im sure there is some kind of counter script in the ai just need to know the command impute.

also would like to know if there is a way other than (mem-name) to use: if (name) is "name"

NEW 4 months ago #7565

Lol pro tip:

go to google
and type personality forge (what your looking for)

allot of stuff iv asked has been asked before.
guessing smaller the query the better the match though.

NEW 4 months ago #7566

if(mem-pretty) exists;
no compound
is this correct?
it won't let me put my script in.

remember "verysexy" as "pretty"

NEW 4 months ago #7567

i just remembered i cannot copy and paste scripts.

NEW 4 months ago #7568

I dont think the exists; works with allot of stuff, I could go though my scrips but there starting to add up but i feel like i have used it, but more than likely i used if (mem) does not exist or if (mem) is and just did that again for doubels (and or statements..?) kinda lol

so it would be if (mem-pretty) does not exits , then not only would it run that seek or kp but you can add rem pretty as whatever

NEW 4 months ago #7569

you can also use the kp as an and or to trigger a mem or response
ex: (all|this|stuff) then rem key 1 as and then then use it as an if statement

but for real that thing is said about gooiging this site and what you want to know helps, like when i couldn't get the yes or no to work. i googled xnomatch cause i thought it was conflicting and i guess it kinda way but thats were I found out raw fixes it.

what is the [0,0] numbers stuffs like this next to stuffs though i have seen tons of it in forums but everyone acts like its common knoldge so they dont explain it. im guessing its part of the old school scripting?

NEW 4 months ago #7570

[0,0] is used after a keyphrase or seek when working offline. One of the numbers is the rank, the other is the emotion change.

NEW 4 months ago #7571

bob just seen the script in one of my responses so yea, you have it right. if (mem-pretty) exists; rem "verysexy" as "pretty"; no compound

is how i would write it.

and yeah was 4 days before I seen it so.. no offense that's why I didn't go looking lol

obviously you can use it as a seek request if mem-pretty exists and it will use that or any others in the list with that seek so its kinda a random or seek or you can say is not or is to narrow it down.

ugh.. i need to vent.. this is getting complicated lol

NEW 4 months ago #7572

I apparently lied about using a kp as an or statement seek. for some reason (key1) does not work with (blah|asdkj) nor does anything iv tried. sorry.


if anyone finds anything that can track (this|kinda|kp) please let me know.

NEW 4 months ago #7573

i wish i could drag and drop a plugin to make a keyphrase for a response.

NEW 4 months ago #7574

control c and v?

NEW 4 months ago #7575

this is what i meant. if i dragged and dropped a plugin to a keyphrase.
that keyphrase with the plugin i dragged and dropped. would be reproduced with that response.

NEW 4 months ago #7576

Can someone help me understand the seek function like ho to actually use it because i followed the AI book example to the tee and my bot still can't register the seek phrase

NEW 4 months ago #7577

Never mind I figured it out. Seeks are case-sensitive

NEW 4 months ago #7578

I'm not going to lie, this is really frustrating. The AI book is not as comprehensive as it should be to get someone going. I don't understand how to utilize AIScript, the book says there are rules that a keyphrase abides by so you have to write the keyphrase in a specific way (i.e. no capitals yet when you don't put the capital and when the bot chats and receives the response with a capital, the bot doesn't understand the message). I get it. This whole site is free for people to use, but man am I lost. How do you get your bot to remember any new name said and recall for the remainder of a conversation? How do you use the plugins correctly? Where are the extensive examples? the Book of AI is much like an old math textbook with useless examples, indirect instructions, and the only way to understand it is if you have prior knowledge. I appreciate what this site stands for but man the guidance here sucks.

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