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You're welcome! Glad I could help.

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NEW 3 months ago #7546

If I click on "edit" to edit a keyword, it just redirects me to the chatbot workshop, so I can't edit any phrases

NEW 3 months ago #7547

use the export & import in chatbot workshop.
read about how to use it in the book of ai in the build menu.

NEW 3 months ago #7548

Yup, Ptera. Something major broke and we can't edit online. Can create new KPs and edit offline, though.

NEW 3 months ago #7549

When you create a new KP in offline, what do you put for the ID?

NEW 3 months ago #7550

You leave it blank, Sirforgotten. It'll get autofilled when uploaded. If you need to goto it, you can't. You could, at one time, use ID:A and goto A, but that doesn't actually work. I just put in TOADDGOTO instead of the goto and then, after imp/export, updating it.

NEW 2 months ago #7551

is there a way to count how many times
a person asks a stupid question?
And then have a certain response after the person asks a stupid question for that many times?

NEW 1 month ago #7552

Benji Adams is still PF's owner. He may be busy with own work so there are moments he works less on PF and others he can be more focused on it. Not true he sold it or anything like that. He told me to feel free to clarify it in the forum, which I did.

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this works.
does a (p:animals) need to (eat|drink|breath|move)
but this does not.
does a (p:animals) need (water|air|food|sunlight|heat)
why is that?

NEW 1 month ago #7554

Try this

do (p:animals) need (water|air|food|sunlight|heat)

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NEW 1 month ago #7556

that worked thanks.

NEW 1 month ago #7557

is there a if in both list code?

NEW 4 weeks ago #7558

I'm trying to figure out a way to use memories, for example..

User says: "I like dancing."

The bot responds: "You like dancing? Cool!" and then writes it to memory with

remember (postkey) as "youlike";

So far, so good, I end up with a list of things the person likes.

But what I'm trying to do next is to come up with a bit of code to check the existing memories, and only use the response that will write something to memory if they haven't already said that item before. I tried:

if (mem-youlike) is not (postkey);

But that doesn't work. Does anyone know of a way to do this, or is it something the PF engine just can't do?

NEW 4 weeks ago #7559

"is there a way to count how many times
a person asks a stupid question?
And then have a certain response after the person asks a stupid question for that many times?"

How I would do that is write a keyphrase to catch the stupid question.

Then have the first response be whatever answer you'd have for the first time, with this in the AI line: if (mem-stupidq) does not exist; remember "1" as only "stupidq";

Have the second response, with this in the AI line: if (mem-stupidq) is "1";remember "2" as only "stupidq";

Then the third response with this in the AI line: if (mem-stupidq) is "2"; remember "3" as only "stupidq";

You could continue it for as many steps as you want like that, but just make the last one something like "The answer isn't going to change, no matter how many times you ask, jerk!"

Not a very elegant way of handling it maybe, but hopefully it helps.

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