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Way back in the day (waaaaaaay back--like 2006ish) you could have HANGUP as a response to a keyphrase and the bot would terminate the conversation. As I recall, you'd get a message "The bot no longer wants to talk to you."

I've been searching old forum posts and I think the chat interface might make a difference. I found an old post that said that it worked in the pop-up chat but not the bot's dedicated chat page. I'll have to wait for Frizella to approach me for a pop-up chat so I can test that.

NEW 2 years ago #7486

Just made a new plug-in if anyone is interested.


It's basically made to catch college level classes and fields of study. While there are others of it's kind, this one is a bit broader in scope.

NEW 2 years ago #7487

Thanks Nathan

NEW 2 years ago #7488

Can one do anything useful with a Bot's short term memory?

NEW 2 years ago #7489

it depends on how long the short term memory remains.if it remains a week.i could use it to make a response if you had not talk to chatbot in a would ask you why were away for so long.
if you did not talk to it for five days.if not it would say how have you

been doing.

NEW 2 years ago #7490

Why aren't the bots responding to my sexts how I want them to?

NEW 2 years ago #7491

There are any number of reasons that could be.

1. The bot wasn't programmed for the kind of functionality that you were hoping for.

2. The keyphrases they were given were too vague resulting in misfires.

3. The keyphrases were way too specific meaning that you have to sit there and experiment over and over again to see what works and what doesn't.

Also, bad spelling is a big one. Not a day goes by I don't see people shoot themselves in the foot with a poorly timed spelling mistake.

NEW 2 years ago #7492

Can anybody give me an example of how xfavorite works. I have added responses under xfavorite for example : "My favorite food is chicken" under xfavorite but when I ask the bot "What is your favorite food? It does not find an answer. What am I doing wrong?

NEW 2 years ago #7493

I think xfavorite is not working right now. You're likely not doing anything wrong. If others can confirm this is the case, this would be a good thing to note in the Bug Stomp forum. I think it's been broken so long that I made new keyphrases for my bot to cover for this a couple of years ago.

NEW 1 year ago #7494

how do I add hyperlinks to web pages as a bot response?

NEW 1 year ago #7495

When exporting a language center, each seek has a unique ID number. Is there anyone who can tell me what happens when I use a number twice when editing the file offline? When the file gets bigger, it's hard to follow. Thanks.

NEW 1 year ago #7496

Is it possible to know if we talk to another bot or a human? I tried different variation of "guest*" is (name), but nothing works.

NEW 1 year ago #7497

Meanwhile the ID problem is solved. When you omit the ID:xx it is automaticaly added when the file is imported.

NEW 1 year ago #7498

hi, all. would anyone happen to know of a way to reduce the frequency of certain xnone responses matching- specifically those with chrono statements?

my bot has been using these responses excessively, even though they're all tagged with relatively wide time windows of 1-3 months. strangely, even setting "once" tags for the responses doesn't seem to keep her from repeating them.

i think this may be a bug with chrono weighting. regardless, is there a workaround?

NEW 1 year ago #7499

Hi Getcy,
One method is to put your time related responses under a dummy keyphrase, something like "zchrono", and place only one or a few responses consisting of a goto poining to this keyphrase in your xnones. This reduces the chance they are picked up. The same method can be used to have more than the normally allowed number of responses for xnone, in which case you have to be sure to have the same number of responses under every dummy keyphrase, otherwise some will be picked up more often.

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