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NEW 1 year ago #7422

chrono:does not work with xnone it triggers both when i talk to the chatbot.
the first one triggered is
Would you like some dinner? chrono: hour(180 - 220);
the the second triggered at the same time.
Would you like some breakfast? chrono: hour(60 - 90);

NEW 1 year ago #7423

keyphrases with incubi in them do not work.

NEW 1 year ago #7424

Okay, posting this here as I'm an idiot and didn't check here before posting on the newcomers chat.

I need some help wrapping my head around message cues and things. Especially certain scenarios such as when certain messages can come up, when they're denied coming up. I know there was a mention about restricting certain xnones earlier from jkroker, but that flew over my head. How, extensively, can I give the simulating experience of a "location" per se, by allowing certain xnones to be used as plot devices when certain criteria are met? Is there somewhere I can find an in-depth explanation on "if" statements and such?

NEW 1 year ago #7425

@Iamasinner well I'd recommend some baby steps playing with if statements and variables then. Just try some simple stuff like:

* remembering a user's name and saying it back later

* try having a response somewhere that only fires if their name is a certain value

* then once that's working try setting a variable as a result of hitting a certain response or triggering a certain keyword

* Then by this step you will already know how to only make a certain response come up if a variable is set the way you want, so setting the variable is like creating context for that response to become valid.

* Finally, tie all that together by making one response in your xnone only fire with a variable set a certain way, and have that response "goto" a completely made up keyword with a whole tree of responses that will only appear in the context that variable refers to.

Try things out step by step like that, and then report back on what step you have trouble with and it will be easier to get into details to help out without having to write a small book full of every detail a person might stumble across along the way, hehe.

NEW 1 year ago #7426

Hmm... Trying this, something's come up. I have no idea about any of the AIscript commands/keys. (eg mem:name or if:male.) I was wondering if there was an extensive list somewhere of all the stuff I could fiddle with... I looked in the book and there wasn't much of a list there.

NEW 1 year ago #7427

Okay, I think I've got it.

To simulate location, I've got to first add an initialization default for a thing to serve as checkpoint 1. I then put anything I want available as a response as "if (checkpoint) is "check1"".

I then create an AIscript checkpoint of "rem (checkpoint) as "check2" whenever a certain condition is met -- this serves to lock out any sort of drabble conversation from checkpoint 1 and allow ONLY checkpoint 2 responses.

I then put "if (checkpoint) is "check2" on any that should be responded when the check2 checkpoint is reached. This will hopefully prevent any fall-outs taking a participant all the way back to the start.

does this make any sense, and is it right?

NEW 1 year ago #7428

@Iamasinner Yep, that sounds like it ought to help out.

NEW 11 months ago #7429

Is there anyway to increase certain memories other than emotions with math? I'm just wondering for the case of conditional responses. I know that emotion kind of works like that, but is there anyway I can do that for other memory values? Like:
If (mem-times-conplimented) is "0", rem "1" as only "times-complimented"?

This has been bugging me a bit, so help would be greatly appreciated!

NEW 11 months ago #7430

I want to have an AI entity but with a 3d avatar. I have plenty of 3d avatars at my disposal, I just dont know what I need in order to make it happen. Do any of you know what platform I need to make this a reality?

NEW 11 months ago #7431

try botlibre and lovedroids websights.

NEW 10 months ago #7432

is it possible to have the urt chatbot send pics?some wanted this.

NEW 10 months ago #7433

I've seen bots on here that will share a URL to another site, such as facebook or imgur that have pics up.

NEW 10 months ago #7434

but how would I do that?

NEW 10 months ago #7435

what does times matched minus mean?

NEW 9 months ago #7436

You just include a url in one of the responses.

I'm not sure what you mean by "times matched minus". Can you show a screenshot of it?

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