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NEW 9 months ago #7386

how would I use xnomatch in seems that has not been finished.

NEW 9 months ago #7387

MROdell48: yep, that's possible. Why not give it a try and let us know if you run into any obstacles?

bobstack: I haven't actually worked with the flash chat system myself yet, but I do see a number of bots with links to "flash chat" below the link to their ordinary chat feature so at least I know it exists somehow.

I've also never used xnomatch before. When things don't match I always just get xnone *shrugs* lol

NEW 9 months ago #7388

Its not really working. it wont display the second message

do you see anything wrong with the code?

NEW 9 months ago #7389

Hello. Is there any way to keep a bot from hating someone?

NEW 9 months ago #7390

MROdell48: I do see several problems in your script.
1: remember "X" as only "Y" will not create a variable that you can recall with mem-X set to Y. It will create a variable you can recall with mem-Y set to X.

2: without an if on your first response, it has a 50% chance of triggering even if your variable does equal "one"

3: You can learn a lot about potential flaws in the code like this by running your tests with the Build > Debug feature.

NEW 9 months ago #7391

Ya I realized that when I looked at my other code. Thanks

NEW 9 months ago #7392

how would I make my chatbot remember what it said for as long as the user talks to it, then if they would stop talking to them they would forget?
example keyphrase = sit down
response=I sit down in the chair beside you.

NEW 9 months ago #7393

bobstack: the problem here sounds like: how do you know when the user has "stopped talking to it"?

I don't think that the system has a timeout for variables, or a way to trigger events outside of the time when chat is happening. And it doesn't do a great job of telling one chat from the next..

.. one of the x??? keywords like xinitiate or xhello might be abusable for this purpose though. Figure out which one does the most reliable job of firing at the beginning of conversations (and make sure to test both user-initiated and bot-initiated convos), and add into the aiscript for that one keyword to forget the variables you want to start from scratch with.

NEW 9 months ago #7394

okay I will try that.

NEW 9 months ago #7395

could you tell me what this means?i would like to know how to use
it."Hi, (mem-nickname)! Someone told me I was (self-iam) today. Do you think so?"

NEW 9 months ago #7396

Well (mem-something) and (self-something) are both ways of accessing different kinds of variables via the AIscript. If the bot said those things out loud, that just means that something went wrong, either a bug in PF's text processor (it's not supposed to select a response which references an unset variable) or something the creator did wrong.

NEW 9 months ago #7397

i could not figure out how to make my chatbot remember what it said for as long as the user talks to it, then if they would stop talking to them they would forget?

NEW 9 months ago #7398

Well, I offered my idea of abusing the xinitiate or xhello keywords as an opportunity to issue a "forget" command. Aside from that, how would a bot tell the difference between not having talked in a long time and having talked mere moments before?

NEW 9 months ago #7399

if the chatbot detects the same keyphrase being used then you can use a goto.goto is in the book of ai.that is for a short time.for a long time we have scripts for that.

NEW 9 months ago #7400

on botlibre websight i use on repeat.And it works as long as
i have varied sentences meaning the same thing.
keyphrases are question on botlibre.

Like for instance the question please stand and the response
i stand up.on repeata would be i stand up,i am standing,i am standing here.That is just an example.i did a test with thieve my chatbot on botlibre.

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