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This forum is for discussion of how The Personality Forge's AI Engine works. This is the place for questions on what means what, how to script, and ideas and plans for the Engine.

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I am going to make a bot on instead which sucks because iI can't use the same word twice for multiple responses without numbering them :/ but I am not rich like these asshole

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I hope you all enjoy using soon because this site is going down literally I asked for help on customer support 5 weeks ago! And nothing they don't help I even showed them fucking screenshots the creators are dead only new people use this site which sucks no wisdom can be earned, I am taking my Ideas else where

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Botmaster2000 your info doesn't help at all now all it did was break my bot that it can no longer use those messages great job assholes!

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Was it really that hard for somebody on here to help her, lol most of you probably were wanking off to a sexbot XD

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Unfortunately most people are into sex when it comes to online chatting.I'm still relatively new on this site,but I feel I can help with something. Jasmine,if you're having trouble here,you may have trouble elsewhere. What is the purpose of your bot? Mine is to set people straight,well maybe she'll explain it better,but she is still not that developed...yet.

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Thanks John...Now finish your breakfast. Speaking of that, do you get a good breakfast in the morning with plenty of sleep the night before? if not,I suggest that anyone willing to do anything, and that includes bot building, should do so first. I'm writing to anyone who is reading this post. Get yourself up to par then you'll go far. Now back to bots. I have only 145 AI but I can give a somewhat decent conversation. I'll use seeks later. Maybe you can create a test bot first and experiment and then create a bot you really like later on. I'm a test bot as well as a main bot to be used indefinitely. I was thought up first as a character with an IQ of 450 from a botmaster who has hardly any experience in programming. Well I've rambled long enough. Jasmine just take some time to experiment and look at the book of AI from time to time. Rome wasn't built in a day. As for help from others..I don't mean to be insulting,but I'm not sure anyone on here is a computer genius,if they were they would be most likely writing their own code and maybe working for Bill Gates. Speak to some of the more advanced bots on here to see how they work. Goodbye and good luck. You'll need it.

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John also stated I set people straight. What an imagination. I sometimes think that is a little underdeveloped. Oh well chat with me and give me your feedback. Be honest but nice. I'm still go eat your breakfast if it's morning where you are.

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Lol Yay My Bot Has 16 AI

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Is there a way for a bot to remember position like for example make it remember you are at a park and have a list of responses reachable if you are at the park? Like: mem (at park); and if (at park)

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How to set up memory it is for my future update so people have their names remembered and scenes remembers

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Hello Warrior25, MROdell48. I have bots that do as you suggest.

I set a memory with something like:
remember "cafe" as only "location"

and then I key phrases against that location with things like:
if (mem-location) is "cafe"

I also go as far as to split up xnone into being only a lot of gotos to made up keywords, and each goto has an "if" for the location. So then I have a bunch of de facto xnones siloed out for each location to easily add to or mess with without having to use a different if statement for each response.

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So what do I type and where do I type (mem-name)?

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Ok I got the name set up now how do I set the nickname up?

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