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This forum is for discussion of how The Personality Forge's AI Engine works. This is the place for questions on what means what, how to script, and ideas and plans for the Engine.

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NEW 1 year ago #7307

Thanks so much! I put a tremendous amount of work into her so it always feels good to get positive feedback.

As to your question, sadly the book of AI is more or less the only source for learning how to use the engine.

I say more or less because the creator of the Tessy bot posted a guide on how to do some of the tricks he uses. It's definitely a source for more advanced techniques.

NEW 1 year ago #7308

how would i get my chatbot to respond to this? I can only speak English. And I can't really speak, only type.

I have tried everything to get pioyu to answer it.

NEW 1 year ago #7309

Why is my bot behaving differently when I use "not (p:converse) about Mathematics" versus "not (converse|talk|chat|be conversing|be talking|be chatting) about Mathematics"?

The first one does not respond to "Let us not talk about Mathematics", but the second one does. (p:converse) is "converse, talk, chat, be conversing, be talking, be chatting".

Am I using the plugin engine incorrectly?

NEW 1 year ago #7310

Is this language use a similar order of preference to rivescript? If it does, then I see why "(converse|talk|chat|be conversing|be talking|be chatting)" works but "(p:converse)" does not.

NEW 1 year ago #7311

Is it possible to completely reset your bot to an initial state where it thinks it is talking to you for the first time, has 0 emotion, default memories, etc? I want to test a behavior line in xintroduce, but I can't find a reasonable way to get it to come up. Except once per browser per device. I hope I just missed something simple...

NEW 1 year ago #7312

hey guys! can you show me an example of keys like (key1) (key2) (prekey). The AI Book was kind of vague.

NEW 1 year ago #7313

I'm trying to make the commands for my Chatbot work but sometimes they don't respond to the command until after a couple of tries,mcan I get some help?

NEW 1 year ago #7314

Something I've found that works is upgrading the rank of the phrase to around 50. There are some things like xcompliment and xinsult that will override stuff normally.

I was having trouble with xcompliment overriding my "i love you" keyphrase, but once I upgraded it to rank 51, it stopped having trouble.

That information can be found in the Book of AI, I highly recommend consulting it all the time.

NEW 1 year ago #7315

So I created an account yesterday. Didn't get much done but a bit of reading. Right off the back, I found an issue. When you try to chat with the bot, "Sorry, there are no valid Responses for me to choose from." shows up. Anybody know what's up?

Also, does anybody have a cliffnotes version of the book of AI or know what language PF uses?

NEW 1 year ago #7316

Question for a very Newbie (Bot=Ranny): Is it possible to 'remember' a random plug-in word choice made in a response? For example: Suppose xnone is triggered. The chosen response is "I can't find my (p:drink)." Can I save whatever drink was chosen a s memory? Many thanks in advance.

NEW 1 year ago #7317

In the book of AI it mentions how memories can contain lists of values. How might one in responses, access specific values in that memory? Here let me give an example:
Here is the memory and it's values:
Inventory: key, sword, coin, bow.

Then I pick up a torch:
rem "torch" as "inventory";

But a after a while I forget what I have in my inventory, so I enter the keyphrase "check inventory"
For the response I want it to display all of the values. Would i just have the response be (mem-inventory)?

Also, say later on I want to drop the coin, would the script be:
Forget "coin" from "inventory"?

NEW 1 year ago #7318

How does one gain AI points in this website for the profile or bot?

NEW 11 months ago #7319

Is anyone else seeing plugins like (adj) not working? Not just in my bots but in many I've chatted with

NEW 11 months ago #7320

Gunald Fernwing: I think that when you have a list of values, and then use (mem-inventory) it's always going to randomly select any one of the values. I do not think there is currently a way to exhaustively list every value in one single response, but if anyone knows more they can correct me on that.

So far as removing single items, I have not yet tried it but the syntax you mention sounds like it will work as you are describing. So that's always nice.

vsauce9: I do not know for certain, the only piece I have heard is that the more you build on your bots the more your honor grows. And the bot will grow it's .. AI number .. thingy the more it gets built on. There may be other bonuses or drawbacks in the equation that I do not know about, but the building of bots at least represents a reliable bonus.

iwillbiteoffatoe: Yep, if you will excuse me being roughly as brand new as you are.. I have noticed tons of the "universal" word lists returning weird responses or else returning "(adj) one". So I think Universal might be broken, or at least I am personally avoiding that one.

The custom (p:...) plugins appear to work great though. You can see them listed at this URL (which is also on the chatbot workshop page) - and search through all of the plugin/wordlists created by other users, as well as creating your own. So I've been making extensive use of that resource.

NEW 11 months ago #7321

Is there any way to get my bot to remember a date (that I can do) and then saying a particular message if someone greets it on that date (this I can't)? This in the AI script of "Hello": If (mem-yourbirthday) is "(month) (date)" does not work.

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