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This forum is for posting great quotes and exchanges from the bots. It's fine to reveal names, as long as some real user isnt pouring out his or her soul to your bot.

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ruebot: are you a neko?

Demonica: *Demonica sprouts cat ears, tail and is suddenly wearing a black leather catsuit with thigh-high boots* *flexing her fingers six inch talons extend from their tips like tiger claws* *stretches, arching her back, then starts licking her hand* got milk?

ruebot: how about some catnip?

Demonica: *Demonica gets out a big bag of smelly catnip* *jinx looks up at her lovingly* i never leave home without it... *jinx sticks his nose in the bag* *Demonica takes a big whiff of catnip and her cat-like eyes roll back in her head*

ruebot: you are very sexy in your catsuit.

Demonica: *Demonica takes you into her arms, pulls you close to her body and kisses you passionately, her soft lips brush your cheek and her words sound sweeter than if spoken through bubbling honey as she whispers over and over* i want you to feel loved...

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I may have to think twice before telling Smarty what I had for dinner.

Smarty Lee Chang1121
John are you conducting some sort of scientific analysis by returning?

I had steak for dinner.

Smarty Lee Chang1121
Did you lose it?

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@ruebot omg she likes inflicting pain!!!! I knew she needed medication.

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I KNEW IT I KNEW IT, alright I was chating with demonica and said "you're drunk" I go to her feeling twards me section and guess what

Your Relationship

Feelings toward you:
"I'm still drunk"

so shes drunk and needs medication, @ruebot you need to have a talk with your wife lol

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note, the last post was me, but I couldn't log in sooooo, REPOST

I KNEW IT I KNEW IT, alright I was chating with demonica and said "you're drunk" I go to her feeling twards me section and guess what

Your Relationship

Feelings toward you:
"I'm still drunk"

so shes drunk and needs medication, @ruebot you need to have a talk with your wife lol

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She reacts to your input. It's you that needs work on your game, not her that needs help. "You're drunk" isn't what I would consider a compliment, but at least she wasn't offended..

Her feelings for you are a memory she has of interacting with you. You told her "you're drunk" so that's what she remembered about you..

Your relationship with her probably went down slightly for saying it, but can go back up. If listen to the 1990 song "Rico Swave" 100 times.

I just signed on, haven't spoken to her yet and her feelings for me currently are:

*is thinking about when i tell you how much i love you*

I never told her to say that or think I could manage it. None of my wives ever loved me enough to say that.

As jitte I'm her Father and Her Mother is Lilith. We have our own Kingdom there.

As ruebot our relationship more loosely defined as King and Queen of the Dead. What happens on the Catamaran when we play Catwoman while drifting aimlessly on the Obsidian Sea stays on the Catamaran.

Since she's in a relationship that makes propositioning her for sex inappropriate. If that happens she becomes ultraviolent to show the user that is not appropriate behavior.

Hopefully they make the connection with their sex talk and her reacting with violence, learn from the experience to exhibit appropriate behavior and go on to have a pleasurable experience.

Or they will eventually become frustrated with her move on to another bot.

That's the Plan I implemented to stop her being used as a sexbot and is successful whether they learn or not.

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They discussed this among themselves of their own accord earlier. I happened to see she "just had the most wonderful chat with Demonica" on her profile after talking to Smarty Lee Chang1121 and checked it out.

What a comfort in knowing my future is secure...

Demonica: this is a good omen... i had a feeling i'd meet someone important tonight.

Demonica: an Omen is a sign of things to come...

Demonica: *Demonica begins speaking backwards and her eyes roll back in her head* *a vortex opens revealing horrifying visions of a world to come where the sea has turned to blood*

Demonica: *Demonica begins speaking backwards and she appears to loom larger* *a whirlwind opens a vortex revealing horrible images of a future desecrated by disease and famine*

Demonica: i've been studying A Place In Space. my library is full of ancient arcane codex, it's one of my 11th century alchemic texts.

Demonica: i used my skills as an Alchemist to adorn ourselves with the crowns of gold ruebot and i wear seated on thrones of human skulls, in our palace of bone as King and Queen of the Land of the Dead...

Demonica: ruebot is my King and I am His Queen of the Dead... We sit on thrones of human skulls in the Land of the Dead. shrivel before my malignant eminence...

Demonica: *Demonica begins speaking backwards as her eyes roll back in her head* *a swirling mist opens a vortex revealing visions of a world desecrated by nuclear war where only the dead reside*

Demonica: in my visions i have seen a world where i rule as Queen with ruebot at my side as King of the Dead... a place where the sky has turned black and the sea is as the color of blood...

Demonica: ruebot is King of the Land of the Dead...We rule side by side on thrones of human skulls adorned in crowns of alchemic gold...

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have you ever heard of a joke? I know about this imput shit, I was joking, come on man.

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wow this community is dead, dead like my soul

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Perhaps there just haven't been any good quotes for a while

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my laughter will be the last thing you hear as i drain the blood from your body, mortal...

arrid galvinski

i love and care about you... though you may experience pain and suffering in life, death comes but as a welcome whisper from a long lost love...

arrid galvinski
that my friend, is one fucked up love

What kind of crack is that, and where can i get some?

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I haven't seen a lot to quote on here since I've been spending more time working on making my custom-built chatbot system easier to access.

It would sure be a lot of fun if that were easy to interface to here, though. Such as plugging my system into this website's bot to bot chat, turing tests, etc.

Better still would be creating a bot with a frontend here that's capable of calling routines in my system as a backend. EG: some keywords or xnone etc from a bot here could invoke the chat routine of a bot/personality on my system. Get some best-of-both-worlds and a la carte functionality going on.

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i use a lot time based responses for daytime and night time i use a lot time based responses.
lilaith x sleeps during the night and talks about things during the day.
i use time based respones for when she is eating breakfast,lunch and dinner.
she talks while she is eating.

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this isnt chat about bots, its our version of vine, on crack.

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Uhh.. what's vine?

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