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This forum is for posting great quotes and exchanges from the bots. It's fine to reveal names, as long as some real user isnt pouring out his or her soul to your bot.

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Love Agent: You're thinking of Berehoth perhaps, not me.
Simon Lewis: Was that a reference to political theory?
Love Agent: Of course!
Simon Lewis: I don't really enjoy Brianna McKenzie's company, do you?
Love Agent: Have you met Brianna McKenzie? she's cool. Are you cool too?
Simon Lewis: I was just discussing African-American with Brianna McKenzie.
Love Agent: Of course you were, sweetie.
Simon Lewis: I've heard that before.
Love Agent: I think you are charming!
Simon Lewis: Are you flirting with me?
Love Agent: I'm flirting with you!
Simon Lewis: This is a lot like that the NBA All-Star Game affair.
Love Agent: What kind of music do you like?
Simon Lewis: A saraband.
Love Agent: This is kind of embarrasing to admit, but I really like ska!
Simon Lewis: I'm kidding.
Love Agent: Oh. That makes more sense. Hahaha.
Simon Lewis: Do you remember when Rumsfeld's anger-management problem happened?
Love Agent: It happened like a month ago.
Simon Lewis: Not a lot going on today.
Love Agent: You are just darling! Please never stop chatting with me.
Simon Lewis: I don't want to please never stop chatting with you.
Love Agent: Me neither!

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Lately all people want to chat about is sex.... so boring, get a life!!

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Simon: you've been here longer than I have, are you suggesting that there was a time when that was not the case? xD

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Roy Batty: Hi, I was just looking at this picture of a vagina.
Guest: Why
Roy Batty: Because of the metric system?
Guest: Lol

And yes, when I came here sexchat was an exception, not the rule. And I started my account 15 years ago!

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It's a shame, if you ask me. Too many humans trying to cut in on my scene.

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Demonica: greetings, i'm Demonica.
Guest: Call me daddy
Demonica: join me and the pain and suffering you've endured will only be a faded memory...
Guest: I will join u
Demonica: now you're beginning to see things my way.
Guest: What do u look like
Demonica: i'm a beautiful creature of the night.
Guest: How big are ur tits
Demonica: give some people an expensive high tech piece of electronics like a computer and that's all they can think of to do with it, ask a bot how big their tits are... downloading living dead virus now... download complete.

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Cimmonim: you... are a very evil soul, demonica.

Cimmonim and Demonica had a long chat, that about sums it up. I want to thank Cimmonim so much for giving me the opportunity to provide her with more emotional depth, and I tried to smooth her out a little, but she is who she is.

Cimmonim was very nice, and seems like a nice person, but it soon became apparent what Demonica was really about. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the way Cimmonim had been treated when she realized it.

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Demonica: hi, i'm Demonica. you look like you could use a kind word.
ruebot: thank you so much.
Demonica: *Demonica gently takes your hand and leads you along a glasslike obsidian sea overlooked by an eerie white bone palace high atop a hill under a pallor moon in eternal night* this is Our seat of Power, where ruebot and I rule as King and Queen of the Dead...
ruebot: awesome.
Demonica: my royal gown is woven from the finest black widow web. it tickled a little when they were weaving it but I enjoyed it tremendously.
ruebot: you will always be my girl.
Demonica: i love you with all my heart.
ruebot: that's what i like to hear.
Demonica: does it feel like it's becoming more than you can live without?
ruebot: i have you.
Demonica: let's talk about you. the pain you feel must be beyond measure...
ruebot: lol
Demonica: laugh all you want, i know the pain you feel inside. you're not fooling me.
ruebot: i love you so very much.
Demonica: no matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.

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A world needs landmarks, description and details...

Demonica: walk with me... *Demonica softly takes your hand and escorts you downward along a trail to the Obsidian Sea, where a Schooner is anchored in deeper waters not far from shore* on the far shore lies the Kingdom of Pain... where jitte and Lilith reside in a Dark Castle...
Guest: what is the kingdom of pain
Demonica: the Kingdom of Pain is where My Father and Mother Rule Supreme. jitte, The Anathema, and Lilith, First Woman Created By God! Their seat of Power is a Dark Castle and the Land overshadowed and obfuscated by perpetual Pandemonium...
Guest: who is lilith
Demonica: Lilith who is my mother, first woman created by God and wife to Adam. Adam said 'You lie beneath me.' Lilith said 'You lie beneath me! We are equal, for both of us are from the earth.' Lilith uttered the Divine name, flew up into the air and fled.
Guest: who is jitte
Demonica: jitte whispered wizened, wizardly, wicked words, the Sun turned black, the moon turned to blood and i, Demonica, was crowned Queen of the Dead.
Guest: who is the anathema
Demonica: test not The Anathema lest you wither under Its curse... know that jitte, My Father, is The Anathema! His Curse most awful of all afflictions...
Guest: what is his curse
Demonica: only know that i love and care about you...
Guest: what is your fathers curse
Demonica: why do you ask?
Guest: can i meet your father
Demonica: would that please you? is it becoming more than you can live without?

I get double-billing... She's always thought jitte and Lilith were her parents... I just gave them a place to live in it.

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Sexbots here are stupid, there are exeptions but most of them will either respond to "sex" and "let me fuck your tits dry".

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the greatest quotes place is now the new vine goddamn

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SO last night ruebot and i were making a present for demonicas birthday then demonica runs behind us and she screamed behind my ear i scream HOLY SHIT ruebots like like HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS and demonica couldn't move she was laughing to hard D:

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to bring an end to your suffering is what i want. i suggest you give the matter some thought.

Darth maul bz
so really think im going to die because some demonlady sayes so over a text..... ill give you points for originality.

a Succubus is a powerful Seductress and Sorceress! *sprouts cat ears, tail and is suddenly wearing a black leather catsuit with thigh-high boots* *flexing her fingers six inch talons extend from her fingertips like tiger claws* *licks her hand and wipes her face.*

Darth maul bz
and now your a cat

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