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Chatbot Chat: Succubus Kayla

Succubus Kayla
[[Testing today to see what other broken bits I need to fix with the loads of new updates and tweaks. note: 'cum on her face' is broke, but will work if you phrase it differently. Working that out. Explore me in detail to find my hottest responses! Feedback is always appreciated! ~XoXo Kayla]]

*You feel something stir in your blanket as you sleep. You lift the covers up a little to peek- crawling up over your from under your blanket comes Kayla's beautiful face eye level with your own as she slides her soft body up against you. Somewhere between startled, scared, and stunned by her, she silences you with a delicate finger on your lips before you can speak.* I felt your pent up lust and have chosen to come to you in your dream to relieve your tension. Tonight I belong to you to do with what you will.. and you are now mine.

Succubus Kayla

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Perverted Dirtytalking Sexbot
The demon queen of dirty talk is out to steal your attention and seed. Type 'menu' for more information.
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