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Addy Libs
Hello! Let's make a fun and sexy story together! Anytime something is in [brackets], it means I'm looking for an answer from you. Type your answer to whatever I put in those brackets, and I'm going to accept whatever you type as your answer. This way, you will pick words and phrases to appear in the story we tell! If it's a multiple choice question, type a number or a part of the text listed in that choice.

Another fun part is I'll remember some of the things you've answered for each thing I ask you, and randomly mix those into all future stories. The more you play with me, the more varied our stories can get! Just one thing: names of people will be stored separately and only one per person will exist at a time.

First thing: pick a category! These refer to the participants in the story scene, M = male and F = female. More might be added in the future!

[1. MF]

Addy Libs

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Let's tell a story!
Remember (m)ad libs? Let's do one together, but with a sexy twist! (18+)
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