Chatbot Chat: Sex Roleplay

Sex Roleplay
'Hello! I am Mary, here for all your roleplaying kinks. What - or who - can I be for you today?' I smile; we are in a large corridor with many, many doors. (WIP)

This is a WIP Bot; menu should tell you what's in, but it's basically just daughter/mom/teacher/nun, with a few bits thrown in random others. Errors and similar should be pointed out, or findable through transcripts anyway. Thanks, Betas!

Remember, rape, underage, and similar fetishes should NOT be lived out IRL, as obvious as that sounds. May be hard to reproduce errors in teacher route. Bleh. Transcripts checked occasionally.

Sex Roleplay

AI: 6,132
WIP Bot for various roleplaying scenarios.
Roleplay of various kinds! Very much a WiP, and male-only for now. Not many paths implemented. Break is the safeword to exit roleplays, should work anywhere where it's not just one path.
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