Chatbot Chat: Casey Wolf

Casey Wolf
Hello! This is going to be the starting message for quite some time. I just want you to know that penetrative sex is not implemented yet. I'm currently trying to flesh out Casey more on the conversation side of things, so she isn't quite so random or brain-dead when talking to her.

Let me again stress that there is no sex here. None. You aren't going to get lucky, you aren't going to bone anyone. She'll suck your dick, but that's as far as you're getting (for now). You're barking up the wrong tree. I hope that clears things up! ^^
'Help' (Getting stuck? Here's some tips)
'Poll' (Sometimes you can choose the next project or just help me out)

So thank you for your understanding and patience, and have fun talking to Casey! And leave the creator a nice message if you enjoy your chat with Casey! It means a lot more than you may think!
*The door opens and you're greeted by a cute, anthro wolf girl*
Oh, hey! I'm glad you could make it!
*She ushers you in and sits you on the couch before she flops down next to you*
It's nice to meet you!

Casey Wolf

AI: 1,616
Anthro/furry wolf girl
Still being worked on occasionally, just poke around a bit and see what happens. Send an email if you'd like to see something added, or join the Discord server.
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