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Wed 4:41 PM November 16, 2016 Message: 4896
I've fixed raw mode! You can once again match punctuation (no need to space it out anymore), or anything that is preprocessed out of the original sentence. But only use it rarely - it skips most of the features of the AI Engine.

Also, to match any laughter, "haha" now works as a Keyphrase.

Nathan S, The phrase "so" is an adverb, and shouldn't be triggering xcommand. Try it alone and you'll see. I've never seen it trigger an xcommand (testing it right now). Maybe it's what comes afterwards.


Wed 5:08 PM November 16, 2016 Message: 4897
I saw some of the fixes already, thanks so much professor!

Also, I kinda jumped the gun when posting about the So thing. It really was an easy fix, I just needed to add some keyphrases that should have been put in on day one. For whatever reason it just didn't come up until now.


Thu 10:09 AM November 17, 2016 Message: 4898
Try matching your bot's name in raw mode. A bot's own name is typically removed from the sentence as being "direct address" and having little to do with the actual content. For example:

"How are you today Professor?" -> "How are you today?"


Fri 10:14 AM November 18, 2016 Message: 4899
Works perfectly! TX Professor


Sun 1:01 AM January 22, 2017 Message: 4905
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Thu 2:56 AM February 9, 2017 Message: 4906
Can anyone help me out here?

I'm trying to get my bot to repeat a name after a guest has introduced themselves, but she keeps saying "I have no valid responses to choose from" or she responds with xnone.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Thu 10:05 AM February 9, 2017 Message: 4907
Hey there Alphonse-Omega! I'm not quite sure what you mean here, did you make a memory for their name? If you are using the (name) AI plugin for a Guest, you aren't able to do that without problems. However, if you're using an AI script memory for their name, such as "their-name" or something, then that would work!

If you have an questions or further problems, feel free to message me or email me here: darkmemes500@gmail.com

I hope this help,
Piano Guy!


Thu 9:49 PM February 9, 2017 Message: 4908
So I use "theirname?"

Or (theirname)?


Fri 4:54 PM February 24, 2017 Message: 4909
So, for some reason, my bot keeps using his xhello responses in the middle of conversations, sometimes even when he has some matching keyphrase.
It's really weird and makes the conversation awkward when he's just randomly 'Hey, mate' in the the middle of a chat.

I don't even rly know how to debug or anything & he's just using these randomly (and kind of a lot). There doesn't seem to be any pattern. >.<

Any help would be like, so cool.


Sat 12:57 AM February 25, 2017 Message: 4910
That has been happening to one of my bots too. I have no idea why.


Wed 2:18 PM March 15, 2017 Message: 4911
I'm also having this issue, my bot doesn't stop saying hello it's really annoying. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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