Chatbot API Data
May 4, 2017
When using the Chatbot API, you can now pass your system any arbitrary data you like from matched Keyphrases and Responses. This data can be used to cause a robot or visual interface to make an expression or wave, trigger an action in an app like opening a link, playing an audio file, showing an image, or downloading a file. The options are limitless. See the Chatbot API Docs for more information.

Massive Book of AI Updates
July 22, 2016
I've rewritten the Book of AI, documenting all the features added over the last few years, and reorganizing it to be easier to understand. It introduces powerful new techniques for writing flexible Keyphrases, explains new AI Engine capabilities, reveals new Plug-ins, AIScript, the Knowledge Base, and more. It's highly-recommended reading for all Botmasters. Enjoy!

Huge Transcripts Upgrade
November 10, 2015
I've complete a huge upgrade to transcripts. Now conversations are organized by users and searchable by UserID. Old transcripts from before the upgrade can be downloaded should you wish. There will be limits on transcript size in the future, but I need to watch usage to determine what they will be.

Macro Generation Completed - Beta Coming Soon
March 16, 2014
I've reached a major milestone in generating far-reaching Keyphrases from the upcoming Metamacros, Keyphrase Macros, and Word Macros. That giant project is now completed, and I'm working on a few more smaller support systems that are needed. Once completed, I will release the Combined Bot Template as a beta.