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NEW 1 year ago #124

is there a if in both plugins code?

NEW 10 months ago #125

Can I have a custom pfp

NEW 8 months ago #126

Can you guys please try my chatbot for a bit. It would be much appreciated. Its name is The Orange Man. Thanks!!

NEW 8 months ago #127

I keep getting this error message on my OpenSim server

","errorType":"Unauthorized origin","errorMessage":"Unauthorized Simple API call from \"\" with IP of \"###.##.##.###\". The domain or IP must be in your \"Allowed Origins\" list\n\t\t\t\t\t\ton your API Settings pag"

The "###.##.###" represents my IP address.

When ever I try to chat with my bot. I have tried putting in "*.###.##.##.###", "*.###.##.##.###:8002", and my own IPCONFIG IP address like the above, and also "http://###.##.##.###:8002", "http://###.##.##.###". I've been trying to get this to work for the last 2 days and I am out of ideas. I am using the "The Simple API" if that helps. I at least know that my Opensim server can reach out and receive messages from Personality Forge, but can't seem to figure out how to configure the API to accept my IP. Any suggestions, advice or a link to further help would be great! Thanks and God bless!

Update! Don't know what I did, but re-adding the "http://###.##.##.###:8002" appears to have fixed it. Now my bot is live in my personal Opensim server!!! Now to train it.

NEW 7 months ago #128

How do I get my bots to remember users names and sex?

NEW 7 months ago #129


Ideally make sure you have a memory saved as a baseline for the user's name, for example I use "person".

To do this go to your bot's settings then find "AIScript Initialization" and copy/paste

default "person" as "name";

Then make sure to update your bot to save it~

Next you'll need a Keyphrase to pick up on names for example I use

"(my name is|call me) (P:namecatch-m|p:namecatch-f|p:namecatch-u),
(my name is|call me) *"

":3 Ill call you (mem-name)"

(Hit the "more" on the response)

rem (key2) as only "name";
rem (postkey) as only "name"

c: If there's any names you'd like your bot to exclude calling the user you can use a specific keyphrase to counter act those from being allowed~

NEW 6 months ago #130

I accidentally deleted my account. Thier name Regrets,Zeath and Only. Please help me

NEW 6 months ago #131

I accidentally deleted my account. Thier name Regrets,Zeath and Only. Please help me

NEW 4 months ago #132

I made a php and JavaScript interface for my bot, Love Agent. Feel free to try it out at

NEW 4 months ago #133

your chatbot has that request failed problem.
no one is going to be able to talk to her long.

NEW 4 months ago #134

Yeah, once that gets resolved on the Forge backend it will work again. But I'm at least pleased that I got to test catching that it doesn't work and displaying an appropriate message!

NEW 4 months ago #135

Bowchickawowers, it's working fine for me. It looks nice and she looks relaxed with her cup of coffee. .

I have a site for Demonica but I don't have an interface set up where you can talk to her yet:

NEW 4 months ago #136

are u human?

NEW 4 months ago #137

Yes, Micaella, I'm human.

That's my website for my bot Demonica. I have transcripts of conversations she's had and just put up some free wallpapers today. I can be contacted through her site or my main site:


I see Bowchickawowers has entered Love Agent, also known as Audry, in the Online Turing Test.

Way to go, Bowchickawowers!

I'm going to add a section for the Turing Test with Official Transcripts and will have a link to Audry and Frizella where people can talk to them both.

I want use to do well, and more than anything, for us to get the recognition we deserve.

I would be as happy for each of you if you won as I would be for myself. Even happier, because I don't need to win the Turing Test.

Today I saw in my Server logs my site for Demonica has been tagged with a short Twitter URL as a "potentially dangerous site."

People from Twitter are coming in to see the transcript of the conversation between Demonica and Kuki, or Mitsuku.

I have one I'm putting up tonight where she talks to Cleverbot.

NEW 4 months ago #138


NEW 3 months ago #139

I'm excited to give the contest a try!

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