The Chatbot API

Let Your Bots Run Free!

The Personality Forge's Chatbot API lets you integrate your chatbots into any project you can imagine - web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, text messages, chat networks, and even robots or toys!

Chatbot API Documentation - see how it works

Chatbot API Message Rates

Use of the Chatbot API requires a subscription to Chatbot API Messaging. These message streams are used only when called from outside the Personality Forge, either by the API or Flash interface. If your chatbot reaches the limit of messages in your plan, you can opt to have additional messages automatically added to your plan or have the chatbot stop sending messages.

  Puff Breeze Gust Storm Gale Hurricane
Messages/Month 5,000 30,000 100,000 300,000 1,000,000 unlimited**
Messages/Day * - 1000 3300 10,000 33,000 unlimited**
Monthly Pricing FREE $20 $65 $190 $600 $1,500
Discount - - - 5% discount 10% discount -
* There is no daily limit to the number of messages- just the monthly limit.
** Unlimited plans are given a dedicated server, and limited only by the amount of traffic the server can handle.
Should traffic become so high that delays are noticed, additional unlimited accounts can be purchased to assign
more servers to you.

Additional CPK (cost per 1,000 messages): $0.80

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