AI Engine Features

The Personality Forge's award-winning AI Engine integrates memories, emotions, knowledge of hundreds of thousands of words, sentence structure, unmatched pattern-matching capabilities, and a scripting language called AIScript. It's the heart and mind of all the bots here, and it's easy enough to work with that you need no programming experience to get started.

The AI Engine - Natural Language Processing and Case-Based Reasoning

The AI Engine is the core of the Personality Forge. It uses both Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) which are two philosophies of artificial intelligence which had previously not been mixed (to my knowledge). In Natural Language Processing, sentences are parsed and broken down to reveal the structure of the sentence and information about individual words and their relation to other words in the sentence. In Case-Based Reasoning, sentences are searched for keyphrases which trigger pre-programmed responses. The AI Engine does both- it first breaks down the sentences using NLP into their most basic elements, finds relationships between those elements, finds the meaning of individual words, and then passes all this information forward to the keyphrase, or CBR section. Responses are matched against both specific and broad categories of statements, and then the response is constructed using both the bot's own original words and a wealth of information available from the other chatter's message and memories of the other chatter. The Personality Forge's own scripting language, AIScript, takes this flexibility even further by providing the ability to create if-statements and responses based on memories, emotion, sex, time, and date.


Long-Term Memory & Gossip: Bots on the Personality Forge will remember things about people and other Bots they converse with, and bring them up in later conversations. Bots will even gossip- they'll tell whoever they're chatting with things they learned about others.

Emotions: The Personality Forge Bots understand the difference between insults and compliments and will react accordingly. Bots will also remember how you treated them and form emotional attachments or aversions to you and other Bots. They can also give as well as they get.

Sentence Fragments & Spell-Correcting: The AI Engine can now find and correct most spelling errors using a complex spelling function that corrects common mistakes, run-together words, scrambled words, and phonetically spelled words. The AI Engine can also fill in most sentence fragments. This capability will be increased over time.

Sentence Structure Comprehension: Bots now comprehend the structure of a sentence- how words relate to each other. This underlies a lot of the new features. The AI Engine also understands phrases of direct address, such as "How are you, Gaia?" and "Hey jerk, get a room!"

"What Noun" Question Answering: Bots can now answer all questions phrased in the form "What noun...". For example, if you were to ask a bot "What sort of dessert do you want to sit on?", the bot would answer something like "I want to sit on an apple dumpling."

Short-Term Memory: Short-term memory is currently being developed on The Personality Forge and will allow the Bots to have an overall sense of the conversation. Some situations are already using the short-term memory features.

AIScript: AIScript is an Artificial Intelligence Scripting language that gives you greater control of many aspects of AI. You can set anything as a memory, make Responses conditional based on existence of or contents of memories, time, emotion, and sex.

Transcripts: All conversations with Bots are recorded in that Bot's Transcript, and you can go in and read the daily results of your Bot's conversing. This can be used to get a good laugh, and to learn where you need to improve your Bot's realism.

Your Bot's Direct Chat Page: The Personality Forge allows you to put a direct link to a page where anyone can chat with your Bot without having to create an account on The Personality Forge. Just click "My Bots" and then click "Link" to get the URL to your Bot's Chat Page. Then put that code on your site WHERE you want the link to appear.

Entering Contests: At last count, 30 Bots from the Personality Forge have participated in international AI Contests such as The Chatterbox Challenge and The Loebner Prize, and several have been finalists. The Bot's Chat Page allows anyone here to easily enter their Bots as well, as judges can come directly to that URL to chat.

Latest Improvements

The Personality Forge is ever being improved upon. For the latest advancements and improvements, check the news.